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doctor with a female patientMealtime Check-in Care Package

Being a working family caregiver, you may need to have someone who can check on your senior loved ones while you take care of your other responsibilities. This way, you can guarantee that your elderly loved ones are safe and well-cared for even if you’re not around to assist them.

With our mealtime check-in care package, we can assign a caregiver who will pay your loved ones a visit during the day and provide their care needs. Knowing that your senior loved ones are under the supervision of qualified care providers, you can go on with your day without worrying about your loved ones’ comfort and safety.

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Morning Routine Package

With old age comes physical issues and limitations that senior individuals experience. Flexibility becomes an issue. Aging individuals may struggle with accomplishing daily tasks, especially routine ones during the mornings.

We offer our Morning Routine Package to assist struggling loved ones with their daily morning routines. Through this package, our caregivers can help seniors start their day right which can also affect their moods all throughout the day. We can provide seniors assistance with the following:

  • getting up on the bed
  • taking a bath
  • dressing
  • preparing breakfast

We’ll help get your aging loved ones ready and bright after the sun rises in the mornings!

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Senior Day Check Package

There are many family caregivers who have decided to take the responsibility of taking care of their senior loved ones. Most of them often have jobs they need to work for to provide with their families. With both of these huge responsibilities on their shoulders, it can be hard to juggle between various tasks every single day.

We offer our Senior Day Check Package which aims to give you peace of mind when you are at work and your aging loved ones are left at home. Our caregivers will visit and check on them up to a couple of hours during the day, making sure they are safe and tending to their care needs..

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Date Night Package

Taking care of your aging loved ones may cause a change in your daily routines. When you have a spouse or partner, a lot of your time may be spent on looking after your aging loved ones rather than on making memories with your special someone. You might even feel guilty going out on a date while your seniors are struggling with accomplishing their tasks or are alone at home.

With our Date Night Package, you can go on a date with your spouse or partner without feeling any guilt in your heart. This is because a highly qualified caregiver will be present to provide the appropriate support and care to your seniors back home. Our caregivers can look after your loved ones for a few hours while you enjoy your date guilt-free!

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Out of Town Trip Package

An out of town trip may also be out of the minds of many family caregivers caring for aging family members. Oftentimes, they prefer destinations close to home so they can easily come back to their seniors’ aid. They may also reject invitations for out of town trips for a variety of occasions such as weddings or business trips, among others, due to their situation.

We know that going on an out of town trip may be necessary at times. So, we are offering you our Out of Town Trip Package. Our caregivers will care for your seniors for a number of days while you go on a trip. Whether you want to relax, unwind or need to do your business, our caregivers will cover for you.

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