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For Inquiries, Call Us Now! 800-701-7974

Smither Infinite Personal Assistance Care offers health management services that comprehensively address the needs of the elderly population.

For your senior loved one, we provide:

Senior woman with her caregiver. Illness, elderly.

Safety Checks

Our safety checks are regularly conducted to make sure that the client is as safe as possible at home.

Medication Reminders

We know how important medications are to our clients’ health so we regularly remind them to take their medications as scheduled.

Bathing Assistance

When taking a bath is already physically difficult, we lend our helping hand to help keep clients clean.

Grooming and Dressing Assistance

Our caregivers will assist our clients with grooming and dressing.


Most of our clients need a companion who will accompany them at home and even perform light tasks on their behalf.

Physical Activity and Exercise

Our caregivers will assist clients when doing physical activities such as exercise, making sure they get enough but not too much that they will strain themselves.

Social Engagement

We can escort clients to social engagements to keep them socially active.

For further inquiries on our services, you can reach us at 800-701-7974. We will be happy to respond to your questions.