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Old age often results to physical limitations in people. These physical limitations lead to the elderly requiring care and assistance from others, especially healthcare professionals.

With our geriatric care management services, we aim to keep you or your aging loved ones healthy through:

Elderly care nurse helping senior from wheel chair to bed

Hospital Discharge Service

We assist you or your loved one in going through the process of hospital discharge.

Home Safety Evaluation

We take a look at your home, check the possible safety risks present, and address them.

Fall Risk Assessment

We assess how high your or your loved one’s fall risk is at your own home.

Review of Medications and Medical Services

To ensure that the right medications and medical services are provided, we verify these things with your attending physician.

Age in Place Environmental Assessment to Ensure Safe Living

You or your loved one’s safety at home is a top priority so we evaluate how safe your current living environment is.

To know more about how these services can help you or a family member, please contact 800-701-7974.